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Max value hassle-free listing system


In a perfect world, real estate agents in Greater Riverside, CA wouldn’t offer lip service when it comes to their actual production and results for their clients. They would lay all the facts on the table, show you their proven process and proven results, and let you read stellar testimonials from their happy clients. Then they would let you decide whether to list with their company, without putting any pressure on you during the listing presentation. They would also be sure that they could get you the maximum value for your home. So sure, in fact, that they would offer satisfaction and performance guarantees as well as a listing cancellation agreement in case you weren’t satisfied with their services.

This is not a fantasy when working with MRG! If you choose to utilize our home selling services, you can sell your home with the dream scenario described above. The Exclusive Maximum Value Hassle Free Listing System is designed for sellers to keep more money in their pocket while receiving world class service from our team, all throughout the process of selling your real estate in Greater Riverside, CA. We are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with our services that we offer several unique benefits with our listing system.


No Pressure Listing Presentation

We don’t constantly bombard you with hard selling tactics to get you to list with MRG. As professional Realtors in Greater Riverside, CA, we present our services with complete transparency, and we back up our claims with proven results. This allows you to make a sound, unbiased decision that is in your best interests when looking for a qualified real estate agent to sell your home.

Easy Exit Listing Agreement

It’s rare that we have a client that is unsatisfied with our services, but to give our clients peace of mind, we offer you our Exclusive Easy Exit Listing Agreement. If you are dissatisfied with our services at any time for any reason, then fire us! You won’t be locked into any long term listing contracts like most agents.

Exclusive Performance Agreement

You’ve heard the saying about putting your money where your mouth is. We do exactly that with our listing services for sellers. We are so confident that we can sell your real estate in Greater Riverside, CA, that we offer our Exclusive Performance Agreement for Sellers, where we will pay you cash if we don’t deliver the services that we promised. It’s as simple as that.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Most agents over-promise and under-deliver…but not MRG. We are so confident in our services that we put our money where our mouth is. Our Seller Satisfaction Guarantees make sure that we deliver on our promises – or we pay you cold hard cash!

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